Beer recipes

Our luxury beer [ Alc. 2.6% to 4.8% Vol.]

It has a thick white head, fine bubbles and a golden colour. Note the dominance of malt and green hops in the nose.
Its flavour remains in the mouth, with a subtle hint of bitterness. First and foremost, though, it is well balanced and sparkling.

Our premium pure malt beer [Alc.5% Vol.]

This pure malt beer has a thick head on it. Fill your glass and breathe in the delicate blend of malt and hops. The bitterness and citrus notes on tasting will certainly wake your tastebuds up!

Our beer, German law of purity [Alc.4.9% Vol.]

The “Loi de Pureté Allemande“ or “Reinheitsgebot“ beer meets stringent brewing and filtration standards. Its fans say it has incomparable elegance. The pronounced, well-balanced bitterness is the most outstanding feature of a beer that is surprising but refreshing.

Our abbey beer [Alc. 6.2% Vol.]

This top fermentation beer has amber colouring with yellow ochre reflections. It has an intense nose with obvious notes of ripe fruits and spices. When you pour it, note the light frothy head. It’s a beer to be sipped to give you time to appreciate the harmony of flavours and its softness.

Our strong beers [Alc. 8,5%, 10%, 12% Vol.]

These beers are golden in colour with a fine, light, frothy head.
The intensity of the aromas depends on the degree of alcohol. On the nose, they are fruity with a slight malty accent. In the mouth, they reveal an expert blend of bitterness, fruit and fresh hops. These are soft beers that are sure to please.

Our shandy [Alc. < 1 % Vol.]

With its light white froth and golden yellow colour, our shandy stands out for its scents and flavours of fresh lemon. Its sweet and acidic notes make it a refreshing drink for shandy fans.

Alcohol-free beer [Alc. < 1% Vol.]

Light, fruity and refreshing, this alcohol-free lager offers all the pleasure of a beer but without the risk of getting drunk and without the calories.