How do we fill our beers ?

Head to the automated packaging line.

Beneath your feet, thousands of bottles move forward on a long path, it is the conditioning chain of the Brasserie de Champigneulles.

The visit with François Rémillon, the packaging manager. It’s right HERE.

chaîne de conditionnement
PET bottle conveyor

PET bottle conveyor.

Boîtes dans le conditionnement
Bottle in the pasteurizer.

Key steps on beer process : Brewing, fermentation and filtration

Brasserie de Champigneulles, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, employs 200 people. In brewing, fermentation or filtration, we are interested in these brewing professions. At the Brasserie de Champigneulles, there are enthusiasts. Dominique Geslin is responsible for the production and explains to us the role of each in the elaboration of the beers.

Manufacturing trades explained by Dominique Geslin.

Les belles cuves en cuivre de la Brasserie de Champigneulles
The beautiful copper vats of the Champigneulles brewery – Thomas Habay

Les TOB de Champigneulles
The TODs of Champigneulles.

A Champigneulles
View in a porthole.

Sous les tanks outdoor
Under the TODs.

Vue dans une cuve
View in a tank.

2022 : Brasserie Champigneulles celebrates 125 years.

The Brasserie de Champigneulles was created in 1897 by two enthusiasts. We are interested in its history and the way in which it crossed the 20th century with Fernanda Ferro, the commercial director.

The history of the Brasserie de Champigneulles dates back to 1897, so this year it celebrates its 125th anniversary.

The Brasserie de Champigneulles employs 200 people.

The birth and history of the Brewery by Fernanda Ferro.

Brasserie de Champigneulles, ancienne photo


Les créateurs de la Brasserie de Champigneulles