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Environmental policy at the Champigneulles SAS brewery

The Champigneulles brewery is an ICPE site (industry graded with regard to its work on environmental protection). Our plant recognises that its work impacts upon the environment and that environmental management is an integral part of operational efficiency on an industrial and commercial level.
Our aim is to achieve ongoing improvement in our environmental performance through policies and procedures designed to reduce the significant effects of our industrial processes.
Our policy is followed by an environmental strategy and a system of environmental management that is included in the Environment Guide, allowing the use of procedures in each division based on their structures and environmental impacts.

The main strategies are as follows:

  • To establish clear environmental objectives in each division with targeted areas of improvement
  • To encourage the integration of environmental procedures and sustainable development in existing management procedures
  • To consolidate and formalise the gathering of data on the processes and to develop key performance indicators on waste, energy and water
  • To encourage suppliers to reduce their impacts on the environment and increase the range of recycled products usable by the Procurements Department.
  • To highlight in-house communications on environmental policy and support initiatives that help to improve the environment
  • To comply with legislation and, whenever appropriate, try to implement forward planning to prepare in advance for regulatory requirements
  • To audit performance and review the policy regularly, using external inspections if necessary
  • To publish information on environmental performance
  • To target water and energy use to make them among the best in the profession

Commitment on the part of the Champigneulles brewery

The Plant’s Director defines the environmental policy applied to the Champigneulles brewery site.
The policy marks the brewery’s commitment to comply with current legislation and continue with ongoing improvements.
It forms the basis on which the brewery sets its objectives and targets.