Since 1897, the name of Champigneulles has been unquestionably synonymous with quality. The beer is made with spring water and we are careful to ensure that the same purity is retained in our end products.

To do so, the Champigneulles brewery is accredited by an external auditor in terms of two major benchmarks for Quality and Food Safety – IFS, version 6 and BRC, version 6. The CMP+ benchmark is applied for by-products from our process.

We guarantee traceability from checks on incoming ingredients and components to the end product, conducting tests in our laboratories right along the production process:

  • physical and chemical testing of end-products and semi-finished products during production e.g. alcohol content, density, carbonation, froth level etc.
  • microbiological testing throughout the production process on the water used, the packaging and the end products.
  • organoleptic testing of products throughout their shelf life.

During the production process, we also test the crimping, capping and the appearance of the product.

Based on our client feedback and our determination to meet their requirements, the Quality Department studies all client requests jointly with the Sales, Production and Technical Departments.